Short Term FAQ

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Whom is this “Short Term Dive Protection” programme designed for?

For diving centres, schools and clubs.


What is this programme about?

By signing up, diving centres can provide their own clients with insurance plans of variable duration.
The quality of medical assistance is guaranteed by DAN Europe.


Why sign up?

Because it gives you a convenient tool to cover your customers. Thanks to the DAN Europe Alarm Center being available 24/7 and to DAN’s more than 30-years-long experience, you can provide them with a reliable service at competitive prices.


Ok, i have signed up. what is next?

Now, all it takes to get it started is top up your credit. To do so, please go the “Top-up” section of your Short Term Partner account and select the amount you prefer.


How do i activate the insurance plans for my clients?

After you top up your credit:
Sign in
-Click on “Short Term Partner”
-Select the plan duration
-Insert your customer’s personal details
-Confirm selection

Once you do this, the cost of the plan will be subtracted from the current balance.


Where are these plans valid?

They are valid within the country your centre is based in.

Only the 365 days plan, available to Spanish-based dive centres, is valid worldwide.


What do my customers get?

They get a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the insurance cover they have paid for.